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Tobacco Industry

Ofion has been serving the tobaccoindustry since 25 years and has managed to established very sound reputation in the industry in terms of supplies and services. Our product range includes:

Cigarette Paper

A range of Cigarette Papers from 30 CU to 110 CU. Recon Paper for mini cigars is also available

Porous & Non-Porous Plug Wrap Paper


Tipping Paper

High quality competitively priced Tipping Paper in a variety of widths and prints available. Micro laser perforation and variety of hot-stamped tipping papers (printed & non-printed) are available as per requirements

Inner Frame

Competitively priced quality Inner Frame or Card Reel from reputable paper producers in Western Europe, North America and Far East slit to size as per customer requirements. Available in standard CTMP board white, white and other various colors lacquer or foil laminated in either gold or silver. Recently added Transfer Metalized Inner Frame and Board in our product range.

Foil Tissue (Printed & Plain)

High quality aluminum foil tissue in various colors including gold and silver for soft and hard cigarette packs.

Tear Tape

A range of specialized adhesive tapes, self adhesive labels, and allied products including MOPP Tear Tape.


A range of specialized BOPP Film (high shrink and low shrink) for the tobacco industry, available from 16 micron to 25 micron. to give elegant look to cigarette packs.

Printed Blanks

High quality offset and rotogravure printed blanks and outers on competitive prices.


High quality Cut Rag Tobacco and Leaf Tobacco blended to perfection as per customer requirements.


Cigarette side seam, tipping adhesive, packing adhesive, hotmelt.

Filter Rods

Variety of filter rods available in all sizes for king size, queen size, slims and nano cigarettes, PD from 320 to 420. Acetate tow and charcoal based, both types are available.

Acetate Tow

We can supply high quality Acetate Tow to use this product in cigarette filters production.