Agro Product


A new age

The latest Polypropylene film generation, only 19μm thick (market standard 30μm - 35μm). Ideal for primary labels for the bererage, food, detergent and toiletry sectors, and wrap-around labels in general. It is able to guarantee high performance and efficiency evern on bottling lines with a speed up to 48,000 bottles/hr. ECONOMICAL Product cost reducing thanks to the lower amount of raw materials of CO2 emissions and less raw materials. Benefits from the point of view of transport: greater quantity of goods sent for the same volume. EFFICIENT Excellent performance on labeling machines Higher efficiency with a lower number of reel changes.

Take away, moving generations

Versatile, flexible, attractive, functional, environmental friendly and competitive it is an innovative system for multipacks. Its function is to increase exposure of your brand by allowing an enlargement of the vending lot, while maintaining brand integrity. It is versatile, flexible and efficient for a wide range of formats and shapes. It’s ideal for promotions and industrial scale production for: plastic bottles (PET and PE) and multi-layer laminates (brik); rigid and flexible packaging, boxes and cases.

Purpose , Use
  • Multipack system is customized according to the product’s physical characteristics and overall dimensions, and can bundle up to 6 units at a time.
  • Complies with all international regulations for reducing packaging impact: BOPP base material coated with solvent-less adhesive.
  • When compared to traditional solutions, it drastically reduces the quantity of packaging required to achieve the same performance and is cheaper on a “per unit” basis.
  • Easy to remove, does not damage or leave adhesive residuals
  • Easy to handle (even easier if you apply a handle)
  • Reverse Printing and BOPP’s proper ties give a glossy look and enhance colors improving consumer’s perception.

Shrink Label Tape
Pre-Glued Shrink Label

Pre-glued shrinkable roll fed labels on clear ROSO film. Taylor-made adhesive formulations to meet application request on various containers and materials, different tack properties and gluing level for more specific inquires. This Technology can offer cost effective solutions for evolving situations in the packaging market and with such application we have a new solution for can-labeling. There are also other key advantages in terms of cost saving along the customer’s supply chain, improved recycling for easy removal of labels due to the absence of adhesives residue on the containers, product safety and improvement also guarantee for electronic code readings on labels up to the final point of sale.

Roll Fed
Speed for Serving

Wrap-around label suitable to run in high speed production lines. We are also producers of film and for this reason we are able to give high standard quality according to requests of the market. Our investments have been focused on the most advanced technology that allows us to satisfy the current requirements of flexibility and customization of the product: we are able to print white cavitated and transparent film, reverse printing for promotion- al texts and reverse printing random pin code. We are also certified for the DPG printing for the German market.

BOPP Spool Tapes

Reels for automatic machines, developed for different industrial purposes. Made with BOPP film from 25 μm to 50 μm. Heights between 6mm and 38mm, the lengths ranging from 1ooo meters to 2oooo meters. Spooled on internal cores from 50mm to 180mm of height with internal diameter of 76mm and 152mm. The material can be realized on mono film BOPP or Laminated with with other materials as Pet in order to have a higher resistance. Available in neutral or with customized prints.